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Drvn Beta Setup Guide

Thanks for signing up for Drvn beta! Please follow this guide to get started.


If you have difficulties or questions while setting up your account check the common problems section of the guide. If you are still having difficulties or have questions, email the team at

Step 1

To get started, click on the invite link in the email you received after signing up. The link will take you to the registration page.

If you are using a mobile device click on the page settings in your web browser and select “Request desktop website” If you do not do this you will be unable to access the  site.

Guide 1 (1).png

Step 2

Drvn’s beta platform is built with our partner Airtable. You will need an Airtable account to access the Drvn dashboard. Create an account on the registration page or log in using your google account. At no point will you have to pay to access the Drvn dashboard through Airtable. 

Step 3

After you create an account, you’ll be brought to the home screen. Click on the interface labeled Your Data to open the Drvn dashboard.

Guide 3.png


You’re in! Welcome to the Drvn Dashboard. We recommend that you bookmark the dashboard page in your browser to access later. When you reopen Drvn you may need to request the desktop version of the website again. 

Guide 4.png

Common Problems

You may encounter errors or make a mistake while signing up. No problem! Follow these steps to correct them. 


If you ever see the page shown below, go to your browser’s page settings and request the desktop site like you did in step 1. Do not click on any of the links, or download the Airtable app, the only way to access the dashboard is through your browser.

Guide 5.png
Guide 7.png

If you see an error page such as the one shown below, click on the Return home button. It will take you to the home screen shown in step 3.

Guide 6.png
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